US man kills wife with heroin in cereal

US man kills wife with heroin in cereal

A Michigan man who was convicted of killing his wife by spiking her cereal with heroin has been sentenced to life in prison.

Genesee Circuit Court Judge David J. Newblatt handed down the sentence on Friday for Jason Harris of Davison in the 2014 death of Christina Davis, reported.

A jury convicted Harris in November of first-degree murder, solicitation of murder and delivery of a controlled substance causing death

“I agree completely with their verdict,” Newblatt said.

“You are guilty. You did this. You are a murderer. You are a liar. I want to make that very clear. The jury saw through your lies and I see through your lies.”

A medical examiner had classified Christina Harris’ death in 2014 as an accidental overdose. But investigators subsequently alleged that it was a murder scheme hatched by Jason Harris at their Davison home in Genesee County.

Family members insisted that Christina didn’t use drugs. Indeed, a sample of frozen breast milk showed no evidence of it.

Jason Harris was charged in 2019, five years after his wife’s death. He received $US120,000 ($A167,290) in life insurance benefits.

Two weeks after Christina’s death, another woman moved into the home.

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