Tucker: This is impossible to ignore



With inflation at a 39 year high, I have found that I can no longer afford to remain retired and will have to go back to work. (Facetious comment)

And speaking about unemployment, let me tell you how that works in the eyes of the Democrats. Once an unemployed person’s benefits have been exhausted they are removed from the list of unemployed and considered to have found employment, which isn’t necessarily true.

There are plenty of jobs available but the Biden Administration has turned millions of able bodies into millions of deadbeats who would rather sit on their asses and live in squalor than become productive citizens and support themselves and their families.

Then, of course, there are those who would rather steal for a living than work. They will always be in our society. In my opinion, welfare should be a temporary thing and not what it has become, a generational entitlement.


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