Talk about a bad hair day! Burglars steal 34 wigs worth $13,000 from newly-opened Florida hairpiece boutique called ‘Sassy Sistas’

  • CCTV footage from a Florida boutique captures three burglars breaking in and ripping wigs from the shelves, sending mannequin heads flying
  • The owners of Sassy Sistas Boutique in Alamonte Springs, which opened just a month ago, say they stole 34 wigs worth $13,000 on Monday night
  • ‘$13,000 is a lot, that’s a pretty big deal. It hurt us financially and mentally, our store is our livelihood. This is how we take care of our families’

Burglars were caught clearing out a Florida wig boutique just a month after it opened, grabbing up 34 wigs worth $13,000 and leaving the floor littered with broken glass and toppled mannequin heads.

The three hoodie-clad thieves had cleared out, taking the entire cash register with them, by the time police responded to Sassy Sistas Boutique in Altamonte Springs. They still have yet to be apprehended.

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