Jealous guinea pig chews owners hair

Hairdresser wakes up after a night out to find her guinea pig had chewed off her BANGS while she was sleeping

  • Hairdresser Gara Sullivan woke up to a shock when she saw part of locks missing
  • She had been snuggling with her guinea pig and found it had chewed off her hair 
  • Gara joked her pet, who is bald, ruined her shiny locks because she was jealous

A hairdresser has revealed her shock after waking up from a drunken sleep to discover her bald guinea pig had chewed off her hair – joking the hairless creature was ‘jealous’ of her luscious locks.

Gara Sullivan, from Bellevue, Kentucky, had been out to celebrate Thanksgiving last month and after returning home having drunk ‘pretty heavily’ decided to curl up on the floor with her three-year-old guinea pig Dixie.

The 29-year-old said she was in a deep sleep and only made the discovery when she looked in the mirror the following morning.

Initially she was horrified by her chewed-up ‘do, but then her horror turned to fear that her beloved pet had swallowed clumps of her hair and could be ill.

But Gara said she felt some relief when she discovered a pile of her chewed-off strands next to a guilty-looking Dixie – quipping the naked critter was jealous of her flowing locks.

After sharing the images of her before and after hair do online, social media users found the snaps hilarious, joking that Dixie had been planning on making her very own ‘guinea-wig’.

Now hairstylist Gara has vowed to put an end to their cosy sleepovers – as she fears it could take a year for her hair to grow back.

Gara said: ‘She doesn’t have any hair – it’s like she’s jealous of mine. She has a little hair on her nose but that’s it, other than that she’s completely naked.

‘She’d had quite the meal, it was crazy.’ I take naps with her all the time but if I’m drunk, my boyfriend will create a little bed on the floor for me because he knows I like to snuggle with her.

‘I fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning, I went to the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and my bangs were gone.’

‘I knew she ate them, I went into the living room and they were right there on the floor. She didn’t even swallow them – she’d just left them.

‘I felt nothing, I was totally out. It was the night before Thanksgiving and I drank pretty heavily. This will 100 per cent be the end of our drunken sleepovers,’ the hairdresser added.

Gara and her boyfriend Alex Kennedy, 30, first welcomed Dixie into their home three years ago, along with their two other guinea pigs.

While Gara knew the curious pet had a taste for human snacks, she never expected her to start eating her hair too.

Gara said: ‘I’m a hairdresser and I have this tuft at the front now. I had to move my parting across a little bit so thankfully I can hide it, but it’s not the cutest look I’ve ever had.

‘Guinea pigs chew on a lot of random stuff but thankfully they’re usually in their cage. She’s never eaten my hair before though.

‘I’d say it’ll take six months to a year to grow back, it’ll probably get worse before it gets better.

‘Dixie is very lovely, she loves to cuddle. She’s really sweet and likes to nap. She sleeps a lot and doesn’t bite me. My other two are evil and will bite the c**p out of you.

‘She’s a very chilled one – she just has a taste for human hair. Alex just laughed at me and told me that’s what I get for sleeping with her,’ the hairdresser recalled.

After posting the video on TikTok, Gara’s clip was viewed more than seven million times, with 1.2million likes and 13,100 comments.

Gara said: ‘On TikTok, I love the comments. They’re so funny, everyone is laughing at me. It was so funny, I just couldn’t not share it with people.’

Entertained social media users joked the naked guinea pig was trying to make itself a ‘guinea wig’ – while others noted it was a behaviour called ‘barbering’.

One person said: ‘It’s called barbering and it shows dominance lol.’ Another added: ‘She said “I’m making myself a wig”.’

A third said: ‘I can’t get over this. This is the best. Okay I have to leave now because I’m laughing too much that I might wake up my husband.’

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