Man throws shoe at cockroach; cockroach returns fire

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — How exactly does a person throw a shoe at a cockroach….and end up with a bullet in him? It’s madness. Here’s the story.

We all have our methods of protection in the household, right? Some people prefer knives and swords. Most others choose guns. But do you need a gun for a roach?

Apparently, this guy doesn’t need a gun at all!…

According to WDIV-4, a 50-year-old man — of whom uses a wheelchair — was inside a home on the 18700 block of Albion Street at the time of the accident.

Now, you’d think a man in a wheelchair could use more grace than simply launching his shoe at the roach. Depending on the wheelchair, he could’ve rolled up pretty silently and handled the cockroach point-blank — unless it was flying. That’s another situation.

But that’s not what happened.

“The 50-year-man apparently saw the bug from across the room and took off his shoe to throw it at the nuisance. His revolver however, was still inside the shoe and discharged after hitting the ground. The fired bullet came back and struck the man in his foot.”


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