From 2020

Tensions between the United States and China grow daily. Whether it be new Tariffs, the tension in the South China Sea, the banning of TikTok, or the handling of the Global Pandemic. It is no secret that China and the United States are not on the best of terms right now. Many believe that this could eventually lead to a hot war between the 2 Super Powers. Both the United States and Chinese economies are going through extremely trying times. No matter who is wrong or right in this 21st Century Cold War, we believe at the end of it all….the world will not be the same again. Because neither China nor the United States seems to want to show weakness by backing down…but at what cost is the question. So we compiled a list of 10 United States companies that most people don’t know that China owns. From Tech Companies to Hospitality, you will learn here that China owns more of the US than you know.


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