What do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas?

I want two things for Christmas. I want a new coffee pot. Mine really sucks the big high hard one…plus it doesn’t make my coffee hot enough. I want hot steamy burn me up…Old McDonald’s style hot coffee. I never put a cup of coffee between my legs. I make dumb mistakes but not that dumb.

My second thing I want from Christmas is this “loaned” knife back. It’s in someone else’s possession.  I wrote that person begging and pleading for it. Will that person listen? So far not. I am at my wit’s end. It’s my own damn fault. I made this major error back in 2017…and have begged for it back since.  I also gave that person a Christmas gift of nice stuff this year…again. I didn’t want to appear as a whiny ass bitch…Better mystery than history.  If this person would just return it, I could move on from this self induced unbreakable spell. I imagine this person cleans their fingernails with it whilst laughing at my wants, needs and desires concerning that love knife.  I imagine this person throws it against some target or something.  I imagine this person inscribed their name on it just to irritate the fock out of me. Enough ranting on that present and that person.

I bought my husband a fancy bottle of Blanton’s bourbon.  I bought my son-in-law one too. I bought two nieces gifts and my sister a gift. I feel I need to get my sister something else special because a scarf just doesn’t cover it. I bought my brother an antenna and flashlights.  I bought his girlfriend a foot massager. I bought gift cards for four grandsons. Teenagers like gift cards or cash.  I bought my granddaughter two dresses, a gorgeous hat and gloves plus a toy. I got my youngest grandson two nice toys. Today, I shall go buy my youngest son a fancy toothbrush plus socks. You hate getting socks as a child but love it when you’re an adult.  I will probably give my sister another jar of my mama Donna jam because she loves my mama Donna jam.

We should all mail the Bidenator a lump of coal for Christmas with a fake return address.  He doesn’t deserve anything because he has ruined our country with his dementia ideas.  I just want the obedience of oppression to stop. Why do we obey tyrants and fools?

So what about you? What do you want for Christmas? What have you bought for Christmas so far?

Please share your thoughts and ideas because I love talking to you…Plus I love hearing your opinions and stories.

Thank you.


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