Police Officer Resigns After Being Caught Having Sex In Patrol Car

Police Officer Resigns After Being Caught Having Sex In Patrol Car

A Madison, Wisconsin, police officer resigned Wednesday after being recorded having sex in his patrol car Sept. 16.

Lieutenant Reginald Patterson was seen in the back of his patrol vehicle with a woman, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Once they saw they were being recorded, the woman tried to cover herself.


Marcel Scott recorded the incident in the parking lot of a Farm and Fleet store, the outlet reported.  Scott started recording when he saw “white legs pop up in the back of the police car.”

At one point in the video, Patterson can be seen briefly exiting the vehicle. Once Patterson got back in the vehicle, he climbed over the seat and drove off according to Scott, reported the Wisconsin State Journal.

An investigation by the department found Patterson “violated multiple department policies” during the incident, reported the State Journal. However, Patterson is not accused of committing any crimes.

The investigation was completed Monday and recommended terminating Patterson, the State Journal reported. However, Patterson resigned before a hearing in front of the city’s Police and Fire Commission could be conducted.

A hearing in front of the Commission would have taken up to a year and Patterson would have remained on paid administrative leave during that time, reported the Wisconsin State Journal.

Patterson was with the Madison Police Department for 15 years, the department told the Daily Caller in a statement.

Patterson was placed on administrative leave the day the video was posted on social media, according to the statement. He later apologized for the incident.

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