Acronyms, acronyms and more acronyms.

Acronyms, acronyms and more acronyms.

Have you noticed that everything has become an acronym? There are so many to remember that sometimes you may get confused or make up your own. I like to do the later sometimes because it keeps you on your toes. There are acronyms in all areas of science, math, medical, construction, government and online.  I shall only mention a few because there are so many…Plus,  I don’t want to bore you.

Science and Math acronyms:

I recall from my college years just a few.  I remember resistance color codes as Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly plus gold and Silver. B=Black=0 B=Brown=1 R=Red=2 O=Orange=3 Y=Yellow=4 so on and so forth. You read the resistor from left to right to replace or calculate that resistor in a circuit. You don’t always have a schematic. It does sound a bit sexual racist but I didn’t come up with the acronym of remembrance or the rules.

Then there is the acronym of remembering whether the circuit is more capacitive or inductive leading by remembering ELI the ICE man. In an inductive circuit, the Voltage (E) leads the Current (I) in an inductive (L)=(ELI) circuit by 90 degrees. In a capacitive circuit the Current (I) leads the Voltage (E)= (ICE) by 90 degrees.

Then there is the acronym of remembering the formulas of Trigonometry.  Suzie Can Tell Oscar Has A Hard-On Always. Sine=O/H, Cosine=A/H, and Tangent=O/A. You only have to know two things in a triangle to figure out the rest. All angles of triangle will always =180 degrees with the exception of a spherical triangle. It too sounds a bit sexual racist but doesn’t Menage a trois count with the adjacent and the opposite doing the hypotenuse? (Hahaha)


FAST in a stroke victim means, F=Face drooping, A=Arm weakness, S=Speech, and T=time. If those things happen, get help.

ALL -Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemi

IBS=Irritable Bowel Syndrome…Hold on…I may have to go poop…Oops…it was just a fart. We’re all good now.

SIDS=Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

ACL=Anterior Cruciate Ligament. My hubby tore his as many football players have.


ATF=Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms. I prefer Assholes Testing Fools.

BLM=Bureau of Land Management. I prefer Bureau of Lazy Men.

CIA=Central Intelligence Agency. I prefer Center of Incompetency Agency.

FBI=Federal Bureau of Investigation. I prefer Federal Bureau of Idiots.

DOJ=Department Of Justice. I prefer Department Of Jerks.


GFYS=Go Fuck Your Self.

LOL=Laughing On-Line or Laughing Out Loud. Both apply.

LMFAO=Laughing my fucking ass off.

FOAD=Fuck Off And Die.

TMI=Too Much Information. I am guilty of that one.

ASAP=As Soon As Possible.

IMO=In My Opinion.

IRL =In Real Life. In real life, I should be cleaning my house.


PAW=Parents Are Watching.

TLDR=Too Long Didn’t Read.  My word salads get that response.

WTF = What the fuck or Who the Fuck or Where the Fuck depending on it’s application.  I have used those a time or two.

You get the jest of what I am saying about Acronyms. They are everywhere and in everything. Even in cooking.

Please express your favorite acronyms. We can always learn more.

Thank you for tuning in for another one of my Damn It Donna Moments aka DIDM. (Did em)

Please share.





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