Headless body falls out of cannibal’s car after crash

Headless body falls out of cannibal’s car after crash

By Jesse O’Neill

A purported Russian cannibal and two other men were arrested after police discovered a decapitated body at the scene of a car crash.

The body fell out of the trunk of a Mitsubishi when it crashed into a highway fence on the side of a highway in the Leningrad region last week, according to a rough translation of a report by state news agency Tass.

Cops arrested three suspects — two of whom allegedly drunkenly murdered a man in a St. Petersburg garage, which they then set on fire, the wire service reported.

The suspects then fled the scene and crashed their car, but not before one of them reportedly engaged in cannibalism.

“I nibbled to just take a taste,” 23-year-old Yegor Komarov said in court, according to footage of the court hearing reported on by The Daily Beast.

“Are you ready to eat a human again?,” an interrogator reportedly asked.

“Do you have some?” the suspect replied.

Komarov also admitted to murdering and eating a man last September “without any reason,” and said he hunted for victims in a local park, according to the report and the wire service.

Source:  New York Post


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