Don’t let it all change us

For some reason this place is like nothing you will see anywhere else. It’s very special.

When we first started TNID we never dreamed that SO many people would call this place home.

We were just a couple of old  Detroit guys that enjoyed laughing at a handful of people on a news site that finally shut down. So we opened TNID now TNBD to give back to them for all the years they made us laugh.  We never dreamed that so many of you were the same way and made us your home.

Tonight I had a chance to talk to a couple of you here. I don’t do that too often but when I do it’s very humbling.  I was telling a woman here that all of you here blow us away. You hold no grudges with anybody else on here. I told her that even I have flipped my wig and the next day you treat me no different. You are like family.

I had another old timer that stops in say it’s a blast here. Just wow.

That means a lot to us. Laugh guys! Have fun. And we thank all of you for how you all are. How much you all care so much.

Look at even our authors here. If I get pissed and check out they run the show for us.

Sometimes I can truly see why Sal says that is why they hate us so much  here, brother.








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