Crazy Joe: Well I’m heading back, Jill. I promise! I’m coming.

This guy has the nuclear codes.

Joe and Jill Biden on Monday celebrated “Friendsgiving” with service members and military families.

After Biden put the room to sleep with his boring speech, he turned around and asked Nurse Jill for help.

“Now where am I supposed to go?” Biden asked Jill. “See how she points. Look at this – get back here. You can tell she’s a professor, can’t you?”

Biden still didn’t know what he was supposed to do next so Jill had to help him along.

“Well I’m heading back, Jill. I promise! I’m coming. I’m coming. – Oh! I gotta introduce the Chaplain!”

But don’t worry because Biden’s physician said he’s a-okay and has zero neurological disorders.






“I’m Heading Back, Jill, I Promise!” – Nurse Jill Has to Help Biden Along at “Friendsgiving” Celebration with Military Families (VIDEO)

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