The fog of Gaslighting

The fog of Gaslighting

I am writing this for your health and your iconoclastic state of mind. I, myself as a writer and previous victim of domestic violence suffered gaslighting. My sister suffers it immensely from her narcissistic psycho husband. She has dealt with it for over 45 years.  Liberals are professional gaslighters. What are the red-flags and signs?

  1. They lie, lie and lie some more. They will insist they are honest and telling the truth even if you catch them lying to you.
  2. They undermine your reputation. They make you feel like you are the one with the problems. You’re dumb, ugly or worthless. Nobody looks up to you.
  3. They constantly ridicule you. You’re fat and nobody will ever love you plus you’re crazy. You need your meds.
  4. They blame and shame you. It’s your fault they get upset. If only you would listen to them because they know best.
  5. They project . They will blame you for their actions. They accuse you of doing exactly what they are actually doing.
  6. Their actions do not match their words. They will will back stab you whilst telling the world how nice and perfect they are.
  7. They will try to align people on their side. They will align your children and friends against you. Remember even though they are the sociopaths, they will convince others you’re the crazy one.
  8. They never genuinely apologize. And if they do, it’s because they want something from you. Remember they are abusers and users.
  9. Sometimes they give you positive reinforcement.  This is just a tactic for their delusions.  It’s just to keep you in their grasp of control.
  10. They are the finest magicians of master manipulations.They wear you down over time to the point that you question your own sanity. 

Learn to recognize the red-flags and signs.  Understand that you are not the crazy one. The only way to help a gaslighter is for them to get professional help. You cannot change them. It’s best to avoid them. Develop a plan of action for yourself. Seek out self-help books. Develop your self esteem. Don’t listen to any liberals or sociopaths especially the Pravda.

See the forest through the fog.

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