Cop-turned-NASA-exec, 54, is found guilty of murder after jury was shown horrific video of him executing his National Guardsman neighbor

former cop turned NASA executive has been found guilty of murder after killing his next door neighbor after years of fighting over loud music, garbage, and dog poop. Michael Hetle, 54, (bottom right) shot Maryland National Guardsman Javon Prather, 24, (top right) in Springfield, Virginia – a suburb of Washington DC, in March 2020. He then pointed the gun at Prather’s wife as she rushed to save him and shouted: ‘You want it too? A jury deliberated in a Fairfax County court room from 10am to 4:30 pm on Thursday to find him guilty of first-degree murder. Hetle could face up to life in prison when he is sentenced on January 28. He tried to argue that he fired the shots in self-defense to protect his family claiming that Prather threatened him for months before the the deadly encounter. But the jury did not believe Hetle’s defense after video footage of the violent attack was shown as evidence (center).


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