TNBD Says Thank You To Michigan Police Dept

Thank you Kevin Coates, and the entire Sterling Heights Michigan Police Department

Last week a feel good story came up on TNBD about a Sterling Heights, Michigan police officer who took a bad situation and made it nice.  In a nutshell, he pulled over a speeder, found out the man was distressed, with an ill wife, unstable adult son, and a new television he was trying to buy installation parts for. The officer withheld writing a ticket, and he actually went to the home of the family and helped install the television for them. What a guy!

TNBD announced at the time that we’d send one of our small token gifts to the officer(s) and we just received confirmation that the Mrs Fields “Classic Hearts” tin full of Mrs. Fields cookies and brownie bites – was delivered today.

The link to our story is below.  Thank you to our community whose ad-clicks help us pay for small gifts like these.

Michigan cop who pulled over elderly man for speeding ends up setting up his TV after the distressed 79-year-old explained his wife is sick and he was trying to find someone who could help with installation


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