The Fab 5 Gets a Lego Makeover in New Queer Eye Set

The Fab 5 Gets a Lego Makeover in New Queer Eye Set


The Fab 5’s next makeover destination is your living room table, thanks to Lego. The two have partnered together to create a brand new Lego set based on the hit Netflix series, Queer Eye.

The set contains 974 pieces and you can build their Fab 5 Loft. It includes adorable mini-figurines of Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, and even Bruley the dog.

Alongside kitchen and closet settings you can explore, the set also features before and after figures of one of the real people from the show so you can really get the makeover experience. According to Yahoo, it’s Kathi Dooley, Jonathan’s high school teacher from season 4, “where she shines in Lego form the same way she did on the show. There’s even a swiveling ‘transformation chamber’ where you can see all the magic happen.”

To celebrate the announcement, Lego shared an animated sequence recreating that iconic Queer Eye opening intro. “I actually can’t believe it,” Van Ness wrote on Instagram.


“Lego bricks played such an important part in my childhood,” Berk said in a statement. “Clicking those little bricks together really sparked my imagination and creativity. Collaborating with the Lego team was an absolute dream come true.”

The Queer Eye set is over 35cm and is made up of 974 pieces. It goes on sale on October 1 at Lego stores, online and other select retailers.

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