Baby Bots or baby bought.

Baby Bots or baby bought.

The ocean waves are changing in our world as I type. The following story is out of this world.

Sophia the first robot citizen now wants to have a family. She wants to be a mommy. Artificial intelligence is now reaching up for heavenly paradise of surrealism. I wonder if Sophia will have fake fuck with her manly man bot(?) Will Sophia have fake orgasms(?) Real women do.  Who will confirm Sophia’s fake pregnancy(?) Sophia might want to have an abortion because it Sophia’s right to destroy her baby bot! Will she feel her baby bot kick and move? Will she give fake birth to her fake baby bot? What if her baby bot get’s a virus? Oh, mea culpa…Dr. Fuck Face Fauci will have a vaccine for that schit. Will Sophia get married or give birth to a bastard bot?  God knows we already have too many bastard bot’s in Washington DC.

Read all about Sophia and her desire to have a bot family. She must be following the Obama’s lead on bought families.

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