KFC Wants You to Find Copycat Chicken Recipe YouTube Videos

KFC Wants You to Find Copycat Chicken Recipe YouTube Videos

By Stephen Lepitak

Attempts to recreate KFC’s original chicken recipe by its founder Colonel Sanders are many, with YouTube featuring numerous recreations claiming to have copied it. Now the fast-food brand wants to reward the effort and time invested in doing so.

According to KFC, over half a million videos (516,000) exist claiming to share the cooking method for the original recipe, which led it to devise a response to this demand. In Spain, the brand has begun the “Copy/Paste” campaign, developed by its creative agency PS21. This includes a website where amateur videos posted to YouTube, claiming to use the Colonel’s original recipe, can be exchanged for authentic brand products.

The site features a link converter for the YouTube URLs, allowing viewers of copycat films to receive a code that they can redeem within any participating KFC restaurant.

Each URL will have a limited number of coupons each, meaning viewers will need to search the web for different copycat videos featuring the recipe to find the codes.

In a statement, Beatriz Martinez, KFC brand manager, commented: “We’re proud of the people who have spent so much time trying to copy the original KFC recipe at home and share their versions with the rest of the world. We’re going to give back their time and effort through what we do best—the Colonel Sanders Original recipe. We encourage you to search for copies of our recipe on YouTube to try the #KFC original recipe.”

In the two days since it went live on October 6, KFC has given out 30,387 codes. The promotion will run throughout October and is available in all Spanish cities with KFC restaurants.


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