Help! I Think My Slob of a Co-Worker Brought Bedbugs to the Office.

Help! I Think My Slob of a Co-Worker Brought Bedbugs to the Office.
I have a sticky, icky situation at work. In the past year, a new equity partner joined our firm. I have a support role. I have known the new person professionally for years and we have always had friendly interactions. Here’s the issue: This person is a slob. They work hard, often late into the night. They leave food wrappers, half-empty bottles of soda, and copious amounts of work materials scattered everywhere, including shared spaces like multiple conference rooms. Their leftover takeout containers fill about 75 percent of our smallish refrigerator. The flooring in their office is not readily visible due to the hoarderlike amount of crap scattered everywhere. They have an air mattress in their office and often spend the night there.

To cut to the chase, I am much more an Oscar than a Felix, but I found a bug crawling across some furniture in a common area. I Googled it. It is a bedbug. I am certain the new partner is the source. There are no signs of bugs coming from anywhere else in our office and no one is showing signs of bites.

The social structure of our firm is complicated on several levels. Revealing an infestation would be devastating and would precipitate a variety of changes that would have immediate effect on the viability of the firm. Our firm is not the only one in our building.

So, do I retire early, resort to arson, blow things up by revealing our affliction to our firm, or try to resolve the situation with a midnight extermination? And who or what would be the target of the hit?

Can’t stop the itching

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