Awkward Asian Dad With Bad Accent Demands His Daughter’s Roomate’s Boyfriend Goes Back To His Country Because He Didn’t Wear A Mask


Posted by moku

TikTok video went viral this week that shows a young black man being berated by an Asian man in a college dorm room.

The video was posted by @graccxx with a caption that read, “My roommate’s dad harassing my boyfriend for not wearing a mask in my room. Share this sh*t.”

The video, which has over 6.9 million views, shows the roommate’s father yelling at the boyfriend for not wearing a mask. When he tries to respond, the angry dad gets even louder as he screams for the boy to close his mouth and wear a mask, most of which is understandable.

The father then asks the boyfriend if he speaks English. When the boyfriend tries to respond, the angry Asian man yells, “Okay, you don’t speak English, then you should go back to your country! I don’t know where you’re from!”

The boy and the father face each other off. When the boyfriend then asks if this whole thing is a joke. The Asian man continues to get even angrier and starts to pound his [chest], telling the boy, “I’m from Hong Kong! I know English,” seemingly trying to get the young boy to fight him.

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