Man has lived on scary raw meat diet — including chicken — for 3 years

Man has lived on scary raw meat diet — including chicken — for 3 years

This guy is every vegetarian’s worst nightmare.

Nebraska resident Weston Rowe has been consuming a raw meat-based diet, including raw chicken, for the last three years — and has no plans to stop.

Rowe, 39, eats raw, protein-rich foods such as beef, liver, chicken and other animal organs. All products are locally sourced from dairy and poultry farms.

He believes that the diet has helped raise his energy levels — despite many warnings about infections including dangerous salmonella.

“I am in better health both physically and mentally, better than I’ve ever been in my life,” Rowe told Caters News Agency. He no longer eats processed foods and spends about $140 a week on his meals.

Rowe doesn’t like to snack and eats two or three meals a day. He sometimes skips breakfast but does munch on three or four raw eggs and a piece of fruit.

“[Fruit] is one of the rare things I eat that isn’t meat-based,” he said.

“I would say at this time I eat 99 percent farm-fresh raw meat and have never once been sick or unwell from my diet,” he claimed. “The way I see it, it is a fair amount to pay to eat the best and most nutritious food in the world and actually equates to a similar amount I used to spend on junk food.”

He explained he changed his diet when he started feeling brain fogginess, decreased energy and eczema. However, one food group has caused much controversy in Rowe’s diet. Raw chicken has been linked to salmonella, but Omaha-based Rowe claimed he has “eaten hundreds of pounds of raw chicken and I have never even gotten close to being sick.

“It is very controversial, but I believe that raw meat has a natural balance of bacteria on it which works symbiotically with our bodies and serves a purpose,” he said.

His lunch is his largest meal of the day — he eats one pound of raw meat with a half-pound of raw, unsalted butter and three or four raw eggs. Another piece of fruit is also added to the mix. For dinner, Rowe eats the same meal with a cooked potato, “which is probably the only real thing I eat these days that is cooked,” he admitted.

And for dessert? Ice cream — but not just any old soft serve. His homemade ice cream is made with “farm-fresh cream, milk, eggs and honey, which is really healthy and also delicious,” Rowe said.

Chicken liver is a favorite food, along with raw beef with butter and sheep brains, though animal brains are a bit harder to come by, he said. Rowe also rules out seasonings on his raw meats, saying, “It didn’t take long for me to realize I much preferred it without.”

Despite, of course, having many naysayers come at him for his choice of diet, Rowe also said that his family and friends are supportive of his lifestyle choice.

“Everyone around me is really accepting of my eating habits and is always super interested when they first learn it,” Rowe stated.

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