Joy Reid: The Far Right Is Trying To Recruit People From Communities Of Color To Be Part Of A Holy War

MSNBC host Joy Reid on Monday denounced prominent Black and Latino conservative voices for allowing themselves to be “recruited” to be part of the far-right “holy war.” Guest Malcolm Nance, a national security expert, said the language used by conservative Republicans is the “exact same terminology” ISIS and al Qaeda use when they call for jihad.

“You know, it’s white nationalist thinking that [Steve] Bannon is trying to spread,” Reid said. “He said himself he wanted to turn Breitbart into the home of the alt-right but they’ve always managed to find people of color that will go along with it. I’m thinking Ali Alexander, who is one of the organizers of the January 6th rally. He is not a white Christian in that sort of Madison Cawthorne setup. You think Enrique Tarrio who is Afro-Latino and still leading the Proud Boys, that participated, members of it, in the January 6th insurrection.”

“So the challenge here is that they are trying to seemingly recruit people from communities of color to be a part of this holy war, I wonder why you think that strategy is being deployed,” she said. “Is it just to make themselves appear to be something other than a white nationalist push?”



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