Gay NFL Player Carl Nassib Found Virile Young Man To Tackle Off The Field of Play

Gay NFL Player Carl Nassib Found Virile Young Man To Tackle Off The Field of Play

By Clare McCarthy 

NFL’s first active player to publicly reveal he is gay earlier this year has revealed that he is now happily in a relationship.

In his first official interview since coming out as gay, the Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib, 28, has revealed that he is no longer single and is dating someone ‘awesome’.

He opened up about his love life to the hosts of Blue Wire’s ‘Comeback Stories’ podcast, saying: ‘I met an awesome guy. He’s the best.’

Nassib revealed that he only realised that he was gay four years ago and said that though his family and close friends already knew, he had wanted to establish himself in the league before making his sexuality public.

Speaking about his newfound relationship, he told the hosts that he felt there was something missing in his life as he got older.

Hew said: ‘I was really jealous of people who went through life as being somebody else’s number one priority,’ the 28-year-old said. ‘As you get older, everybody’s priorities shift.

‘Late at night, you’re just like, “OK, am I anyone’s number one priority?” And that’s just the one thing that I wanted. I just wanted to be someone’s number one priority and I couldn’t have that.’

He added: ‘But I got that now, so it’s good.’

However, despite gushing about his new partner, Nassib did not reveal his identity and his spokesperson declined to comment when approaced by

Nassib made the became the NFL player to publicly reveal he is gay while still playing football.

Several have come out publicly since retiring and many more have remained closeted for fear of backlash.

He made the announcement in a video on Instagram on June 21, explaining that while he’s normally a private person, he wanted to reveal that he is gay publicly as he thinks that ‘representation and visibility are so important.’

Via Daily Mail

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