Frances Haugen Isn’t a “Whistleblower”: She’s a Censorship Advocate

Daniel Greenfield


Real whistleblowers blow the whistle on illegal behavior by a company.

Frances Haugen, the leftist activist being falsely touted as a whistleblower by the media, isn’t blowing the whistle on anything. After being sufficiently prepped by a shadowy group with alleged ties to Pierre Omidyar, the sugar daddy of leftist digital media, she’s making the same exact arguments that pro-censorship lefties have been making about Facebook forever. And they can be summed up as, “Facebook amplifies the views of conservatives. And the government needs to do something about that.”

These arguments tend to be couched in buzzwords and phrases like “echo chambers”, “amplifying misinformation”, and “undermining democracy”. But they’re all fancy ways of saying, “We want to censor our conservative political opponents”.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s leadership is relentlessly left-wing but because the platform skews demographically older, the top content on the site tends to be more conservative.

All the Facebook alarmism which began when Hillary Clinton lost and blamed some sort of phantom Russian/Trump/Facebook conspiracy comes down to this.

Haugen has nothing new to say. And the media hype is heavily self-interested because what it wants nothing more is for Facebook to throttle conservative content harder and amplify its left-wing content.

That’s not whistleblowing. None of this is. It’s censorship wrapped in phony civic concern.

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