Redistricting aka Gerrymandering

Redistricting aka Gerrymandering

This is why you the voter must pay attention because your representation depends on it.  The process of redistricting is also known as Gerrymandering. You redraw voting districts so the representative will get to favor their political party over the other. They want to Gerrymander DC because if they create a state, they’ll get two new Democrat Senators and one new Democrat Representative. DC is a city full of voting demon-rats. A Conservative nor a real Republican can get a fair trial there amongst their peers because nobody on the jury will be a Republican.

In my state, they want to redistrict Congressional District 5. They want to switch the boundary to a north/south divide instead of an east to west as it is now. Basically it is a power grab.

My chairman asked to at least send in a comment so I did. Here is what I wrote:

“To whom it may concern:

We are Eastern Washingtonians. We are not Northern/Southern Washington state. Western Washingtonians have destroyed our once great state. Democrats are full blown communist now. That’s a fact as disgusting as that is!
The word Representation means Representation. Representation does not mean redistribution of power like the liberals, Democrats and communists desire. What you’re doing to the people is a slap to our principles and faith in our government.  We already know you sold us out in 2020 or rather have sold us out since Washington State started mail in voting. Bribing our local officials needs to stop. I was not born in a communist nation but I am now living in a communist take-over state of exclusivity.
Please consider this email as my objection to your stupified request.
Have a great day.
Remember your children’s futures matter. Please quit destroying their destinies!
Sincerely yours:

Donna Rae Lands ❤ ”

What are the demon-rats doing in your state? Are you standing up or seating on the sidelines? Please share your loving opinion with me and others. Please recommend this awesome letter as well.  Thank you. Have a sunshiny day!
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