Monster gator devours 6-foot gator whole in viral video Generic image of an alligator.

Shocking footage has emerged showing a ginormous alligator chomping down on another smaller gator—which was six feet long.

The shocking clip was shared to Twitter by Taylor Soper, who claimed it happened in his parents’ backyard.

Soper, from South Carolina, shared the footage to the social media site on Thursday, captioned: “This happened in my parents backyard today… The snack is a 6ft gator.”

The footage shows a huge reptile on the banks of a river or lake, with the unmistakable tail of its fellow species hanging out of his mouth, along with a leg.

The predator swallows the smaller reptile, before calmly lowering itself back into the water. In the comments section, the dad revealed it’s not the only case of cannibalism spotted in recent weeks.

He added: “Idk it’s pretty damn wild.. what’s really cool is we saw the one that’s getting eaten in this video eat a small baby last weekend so there’s some craziness going on over there.”

Soper indicated his father was the one who filmed the snack attack, adding: “My dad captures some good stuff all credit to him but he doesn’t have social media.”

While it’s not clear exactly how big the gator was, the Smithsonian National Zoo explained males can grow up to 11 feet long, and weigh up to 1,000 pounds (lbs).

Speaking to Newsweek, Soper estimated the larger reptile was: “Probably about 10-12 feet.”

The 24-second long clip has been viewed more than a million times since being uploaded, as people were in shock over the visceral scenes.

“You still think this your parents yard after seeing this?” @ExecutiveG asked.

AC Tatum thought: “Y’all willing living next to dinosaurs is wild to me.”

Corey N. said: “Somebody stood that close and filmed?”

Signifyingmnky reckoned: “I don’t know how anyone can feel safe with Godzilla’s cousin back there eating up his buddies for lunch. Those jokers do walk on land…”

Rochelle Riley quipped: “Your parents live in Jurassic Park? OMG!”

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