Dear How to Do It,

I apologize in advance. This may make you wince.

Yesterday, I hooked up for the first time with a new friend who I’ve hung out with a couple of times after months of chatting online. I had a great evening, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her again. The only problem: She got a little clumsy while giving me a blow job and bit my penis quite hard.

The skin didn’t break, but I’m currently writing this email from an ER waiting room because the area she bit is now swollen and dark red. My question is, how do I break it to her tactfully that her blow sent me to the hospital? I’m not angry or upset. I understand that accidents happen. Heck! It’s not even the first sex-related injury I’ve had. I just want her to know what happened without her feeling awful about it.

—Love Bite

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