Put COVID-19 vaccine card QR code on T-shirt

Yut COVID-19 vaccine card QR code on T-shirt


A Delta, B.C., man won’t have to pull out his cellphone or a piece of paper when asked to show his COVID-19 vaccine card.

James Immler has had his vaccine QR code printed on a T-shirt.

He said he ordered it through a retailer’s online photo lab.

“I think it’s perfect,” Immler said. “I put it on the back as well so they can get me in a restaurant coming and going, because I’m not afraid of anything.

“To me, my freedom is health, so that’s what I’m focusing on. I think it’s a great concept. I’ve been thinking that some kind of a vaccine certification right from the beginning would be an important thing to have, so here we are.”

Immler says when he picked up his daughter at school he got a bit of flak from one person, but everyone else thought it was cool.

He says he’s tested the QR code and it scans fine, as long as he sucks in his stomach.


B.C. man puts COVID-19 vaccine card QR code on T-shirt

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