‘Slap a teacher’ challenge could result in unexpected consequences

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FOX 26 Houston

A TikTok challenge is escalating into dangerous territory that can result in a criminal record for students.

The “Devious licks” challenge has triggered destruction in schools across the country. Now it’s poised to destroy students’ records.

The October mission for the viral trend is to slap a teacher.

“I think I would definitely have to take a moment and pause,” says James Sattiewhite when asked what his reaction would be to getting targeted by a devious lick.

The educator is a Houston-area administrator who has taught for fifteen years and says his school is working to prevent the attacks.

“We’ve sent out correspondence to parents. This is a really dangerous challenge. Talk to kids. Search their social media accounts because now we’re getting into the place where students can be expelled. That’s assault,” he says.

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