Money for nothin-tricks for free.

Money for nothin-tricks for free.

With our government, the title really is money for nothin-tricks for free.

I have a migraine so this is very difficult to write but it is very important to share. You are important to our government. They need you more than you or I need them. It is damn important that you damn researchers read this damn truth that I am about to share.

I bet you think this post is about Dire Straits and I focked up. I am sorry to disappoint you but I did not screw up…Even though I love that song. That song came to me for the title of this money for nothin and their tricks for free.  I posted the song at the bottom for you to hear because you are so damn important. The real saying is Money for nothin-your chicks for free.

This post is about sharing the governments infrastructure monstrosity.  It’s over 2000 pages long. I retrieved it from the Communist News Network aka C.N.N. I don’t trust that fake news network because they are the Pravda for those damn communists.

Our damn government says it will cost us nothing because their tricks are for free and we all know that is a lie.  Use the search button on the bill or read through all the bullschit. That’s up to you.

Have a wonderful evening.

Please share and recommend if dare to care!

With that my dear friends, I am going to take an aspirin and you can call me in the morning.

Love you all.

Donna Rae Lands



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