Large INSANE Crowd Goes Wild Outside Of Philly City Hall, Jump On Cop Cars, Do Donuts In Middle Of Street


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia police are searching for multiple individuals after videos captured an unruly incident outside City Hall Saturday night.

A driver was seen performing stunts in front of a large crowd in Center City. Another video showed people jumping on top of a Philadelphia police vehicle. At one point, fireworks were even shot into the sky as the chaos unfolded.

Many are surprised watching the video that there have been no reported injuries given the large crowd size.

For some, like Logan, he says this incident only adds to the growing concerns around the city. “The city is out of control,” he said.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney discussed the danger that these stunts pose.

“What happened last night on streets near City Hall was incredibly and needlessly dangerous. Incidents that pose threats to safety and endanger the public will not be tolerated. We’re working with the Police Department to ensure that these reckless incidents do not happen in the future,” said Kenney in a statement.

Police say one of the department’s vehicles suffered damage to the hood.

Close-Up video provided in link below.

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