The Thug Of Steal . . . With A Clear Complexion

The Thug Of Steal . . . With A Clear Complexion

With 46 arrests for retail theft this year alone, this Man of Steal leads NYC’s record-shattering shoplifting surge.

Were he the supervillain in a heist movie, Isaac Rodriguez, 22, would be called Sir Isaac Lootin.’

But the real-life, allegedly violent bandit has no moniker — just a rap sheet 74 offenses long, dating back to 2015, according to police sources.

The King of Queens Thieves has been arrested 57 times this year alone, including in a vicious stabbing, police sources told The Post.

Rodriguez is finally in jail, but he rode the city’s revolving door of justice to allegedly rip off Walgreens 37 times this year. He was particularly partial to the drug store at 91-08 Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Heights, which he hit 23 times, police said.

He steals anything from protein drinks and body lotion, to baby formula and sexy lingerie, police said. He likes Dove soap and Victoria’s Secret merchandise too, according to court records.

Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez has been arrested 57 times this year alone.

During just one illicit shopping spree, on July 7 at the Jackson Heights Walgreens, Rodriguez took “10 units of Ensure, 12 Walgreens wipes, 15 units of Sensodyne toothpaste and 8 units of Cetaphil lotion,” court papers state.

“This guy comes here every day stealing, every single day. He comes and he steals,” fumed the store manager. “We call 911 and make a report, and that’s it. Our company policy is if anyone comes, because of a safety issue, we cannot stop him. We cannot do anything.”

“They steal and they sell,” the manager groused.

The manager said the Queens Klepto has been targeting his Jackson Heights store for “at least a year, at least every single day. … Whenever he goes to jail he stops. Sometimes he comes three, four times [a day] to get all of a [certain] merchandise.”

Rodriguez’ M.O. is not sophisticated. He doesn’t use fake bellies or false-bottom boxes favored by professional shoplifters. He simply enters the store and helps himself — filling a bag with items he plucks from shelves, and then walks out without paying, according to store employees and law enforcers.

He’s a one-man crime wave in a city that is being taken over by thieves, said an exasperated law enforcer.

“I don’t know how these [cases] have been handled, but clearly there has been no consequences,” the police source told The Post. “Looking at his rap sheet, there isn’t a hinge moment. He has a storm of criminal activity in his life. The outcomes have not dissuaded him from this path. There is a pattern of behavior that perpetuates a cycle of crime here. And it hasn’t been stopped.”

In addition to his 37 Walgreens strikes, he’s hit local Victoria’s Secret stores four times, Rite Aid (3), Target (3), CVS (2), Family Dollar (1) and Macy’s (1), police said.

He’s alleged thievery, which includes 42 counts of petit larceny and three for grand larceny (over $1,000 in value), escalated to violence, police said.

Pablo Cusco, 39, was kicked, beaten, robbed and stabbed by Rodriguez and others on June 7 while walking his dog near his Jackson Heights home at 3:20 a.m., police said.

The group asked Cusco for $1. When he complied, the thugs’ thank-you was to snatch his cell phone. When Cusco tried to resist he was pummeled, and was also treated at Elmhurst Hospital for four puncture wounds to his leg and buttocks.

Source New York Post   by Dean Balsamini


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