Help! My Brother-in-Law Tormented an Anti-Masker. She Tried to Kill Herself.

Help! My Brother-in-Law Tormented an Anti-Masker. She Tried to Kill Herself.


A former high school classmate “Becky” attempted suicide and it’s partially my brother-in-law’s (“Bill”) fault. Becky became locally famous in our small town for opposing mask mandates during school board meetings. Obviously, I disagree with Becky on this, but Bill doxxed her social media to uncover that she believed the QAnon theory that John F. Kennedy Jr. was still alive. Rather than focus on the mask issue, Bill and his allies tormented Becky at every turn over this conspiracy theory. They questioned her mental health, her intelligence, and her ability to parent because of it. When she spoke at school board meetings, Bill organized people to stand in the back of the auditorium holding signs that said “JFK Jr. Died in 1999.” Whenever she posted to Facebook community groups, someone would pop up and ask her about JFK Jr. Bill got the coffee shop on our main street to put up a sign that offered free drinks to anyone who could prove JFK Jr. was still alive. It was relentless.

Becky became a laughingstock and was humiliated. I really don’t know what else was going on in her life (I knew her as a kid but we were never friends), but she overdosed on pills after all this went down. Thankfully she survived. Bill has no remorse or compassion. He told me “the physical health of innocent kids is more important than the mental health of one bad adult.” I’m horrified by that attitude and I don’t know if I can maintain a relationship with Bill and my sister (his wife) after witnessing this cruelty. What can I do?

Masked but sad

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