I had a child with my sister’s husband

Dear Pastor,

Please give me your advice. I have been reading your column and it is very helpful to me. I have three children, two with one man and one with my brother-in-law. I got mixed up with my brother-in-law because my children’s father wasn’t supporting them and my brother-in-law was always giving me money and always asking me for sex. I told him that one day I would give him some.

I wasn’t working, and one day he showed up when the children were at school. He told me that he came for the thing that I promised him. I asked him what thing and he said, “come, come on, I don’t have much time, I have to go back to work.” I asked him if he had a condom and he said no. I told him that nothing could go on without the condom, so he should go and buy a pack and come back. Then I remembered that I had a pack of condoms, so we decided to have sex. Unfortunately, the condom broke and I didn’t realize it until long after.

I got pregnant, and to this day, my sister doesn’t know that this last child is from her husband. I behave as if it is from another man. He has been supporting me with this child. I am not upset with him, but it is always on my mind that I went and had sex with my sister’s husband.

The father of the other two children asked me who is the father of the child and I told him that the child is his. He knows that it is not his child, but he doesn’t make an issue out of it. What do you think I should do? Anything you tell me to do, I will do.



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