Man Catches Gator Using Trash Can Outside Florida Home

Aman in Florida captured an alligator outside a home Tuesday morning in an unconventional way – and it was all caught on camera.

Abdul Gene Malik, a former combat veteran turned gator wrangler from Philadelphia, was seen on video attempting to trap an alligator with a trash can as a crowd of people watched nearby.

“Watch out,” the person behind the camera yelled while filming the nail-biting scene.

As seen in the now-viral video, Malik laid the trash can down in front of the gator and pushed it closer as it hissed loudly and moved back. Once the gator’s head was inside, Malik managed to close the lid as it violently flailed its tail around.

The shocked crowd applauded as they watched Malik wheel the bin across the street to a lake inside the Central Florida neighborhood, where he dropped it on the bank and ran. The gator then wiggled itself back into the water.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission says it receives a yearly average of 16,000 alligator complains, with many involving gators in backyards, garages, swimming pools, and golf courses.

Earlier this month, a woman was paddleboarding on a river in Ocala when she had to use an ore to fend of an alligator after swam directly toward her.

Typically, FWC officials advise people not to handle to attempt to wrangle gators themselves, as that can be extremely dangerous. Instead, officials urge the public to call the toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-392-428.


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