Lately, it feels like the niceness has been knocked out of me in a real bitchy kind of way. I wonder to myself, why this has happened. I have come to the conclusion that it is from outside forces beyond my control and beyond my damn great influence. As I said yesterday in my rejected letter, “it’s easier for others to fool people than to convince the innocent that they have been fooled but here we are.”

One must learn from rejection. I learned that my local paper is just another liberal rag tag selling disinformation. I learned that it is a paper that does not care about the truth concerning this scamdemic. I decided I will never write a letter to them. I am canceling them out of my life for they are not a blessing in my life any longer. That paper doesn’t believe in truth. That paper doesn’t care about saving people. I do care because my fellowman means something to me. I cannot lie about the truth like that un-blessed  and biased media.

What are my blessings and gifts that I can share? What are your blessings and gifts you can share?


  • God, Jesus Christ Almighty, the Holy Spirit, heavenly angels and earth angels are a blessing and a gift.
  • Family, friends and good neighbors are a gift to me. They are one of a kind. They are irreplaceable. I love them all including you.
  • The blessing of being able to hear others and being a friend that listens to your rants, your stories and giving you a different point of view.
  • The blessing and gifts of laughing and making others laugh.
  • The blessing of returning acts of kindness even if it’s just a smile or a hug to make someone’s day.
  • The blessing of being thankful to be able to help others every day.
  • The blessing and gift of being able to maintain your pleasant disposition. (Knocking the niceness out of me is a daily battle which I do blame communism for)

The blessing and gifts of love. Love is what blessings are wrapped in. Love is what encompasses the peace in our souls. Love is that heavenly paradise that saves you from hunger and pain. Love heals the sadness and depression which affects us all once in awhile. Love brightens your day. Love is like the honey bee that goes from flower to flower to pollinate the gift of life.

Please don’t forget to share and please leave a comment. It will help you reflect on what is truly important in our iconoclastic world of surreal madness.





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