Letter to the Editor of the Miner

Letter to the Editor of the Miner

Once in awhile, I will write a damn letter to my damn editor here in Pend’Oreille County. My damn letters don’t always get printed. My writing skills must suck the big high hard one.  I thought for schits and grins that I would share my letter with my friends here on News Beyond Detroit. It is written to the Miner here in Pend’Oreille County.  I read the paper today and decided that I am so sick of the mockingbird bullschit .  Any bets on whether he will print it?

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Read the link because it’s from Spartacus.

“I don’t write letters often anymore because it’s easier for others to fool people than to convince the innocent that they have been fooled but here we are. I read the letters to the editor and I am amazed that people listen to certain experts that are the Jack and Jane’s of all trades but masters of none.

Covid-19 is real. It is a coronavirus that has been around for over 50 years. It causes the flu and common cold. Covid-19 was man-made to make the coronavirus more contagious. Dr. Fauci and the Chinese through their gain of function studies created it so they could become mega-rich through the sale of their deadly and lethal vaccines.

The treatment by the Doctors and Hospitals are killing people instead of saving them. The hospitals, Doctors and nurses are giving the patients Remdisvir which causes acute kidney failure which in turn causes the patients to suffer pulmonary edema. When your kidneys fail, your body retains water filling up your lungs. You drown in your own fluids. When they put you on a ventilator long term, you will more than likely die.

What is in the vaccine? The vaccine companies won’t tell you. Many labs including labs in Japan have found toxins like graphene oxide, nanoparticles, and fetal material in the shots.

The Doctors and the hospitals could easily cure the patients that have COVID-19 with Ivermectin and hydrochloroquine. The perfect crisis is really the perfect scam against healthy and unhealthy people alike.

It is tyranny,what the experimenters in this governmental Milgram experiment have done to many people. Everyone promoting this scam should be punished for going against the Nuremberg codes. Here is a link written by Spartacus that explains it all.



Good luck:


Sincerely Donna Rae Lands ”



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