Global Energy Crisis: China Coal Inventory Nears Record Low

Global Energy Crisis: China Coal Inventory Nears Record Low

Global energy reserves are hitting all-time lows and prices are soaring.

Failed renewables, poor foresight, and a historically long and cold NH winter of 2020-21 are now pricing ordinary folk out of the market — as one UK charity recently put it, the poorest will soon have to choose between eating and heating.

Energy prices impact EVERYTHING, including the availability of food.


In past years, when the calendar flipped to September, China set to replenishing their coal inventories ahead of the looming cold winter months. This year, however, coal is so scarce that the nation is struggling –and in many cases is failing– to merely keep the lights on.

As of September 21, the total stockpile of thermal coal –used to generate electricity– held by the nation’s six major power-generation groups stood at just 11.31 million tonnes — a shockingly-low reserve.

To put it in perspective, 11.31 million tonnes is capable of meeting China’s energy demand for just 15 days.


China has also increased its Wheat imports by 220% due to crop failures. Europe is freezing and natural gas is in high demand so people better wake up soon. If the predictions fail to materialize we’ll sigh with relief but if they’re right and we’re heading into some really cold weather you want to be prepared. You can always use what you’ve stashed so it’s no loss. The loss is not being ready even though you can see it coming. One of the predictions I read about a year and a half ago, an increase in volcano activity. They didn’t just pull that from their ass, it’s how the cycle goes and it’s happening. Either way we’ll know in a few years who was correct. For all I know that needle they want to stick in me will make me more susceptible to the cold. I know Canada can’t afford to pay the boomers their pensions so anything is possible.

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