Schuss-Boomer: The Nostalgic Winter Beverage Made With Warm Dr Pepper

Schuss-Boomer: The Nostalgic Winter Beverage Made With Warm Dr Pepper

While Dr Pepper is a classic summer drink, cool and refreshing on a warm day, did you know it can also be enjoyed heated up? You may have never heard of it, but the Schuss-Boomer is a classic cocktail with hot Dr. Pepper as the base. Learn more about this unique drink and how to enjoy it this winter:

Invention of the Schuss-Boomer

According to the Dr Pepper Museum, the Schuss-Boomer was invented in September of 1958. Wesby R. Parker, then-president of the Dr Pepper Company, was visiting a bottling facility in the middle of a blizzard. While there, a salesman joked about needing a hot drink to sell during this type of weather, which sparked Parker to begin experimenting with ways to serve warm Dr Pepper.

Soon he created the perfect concoction, a blend of warmed Dr Pepper and fresh lemon slices, which resulted in a soothing drink that could be marketed to the masses.

The Schuss-Boomer’s Popularity

After an initial hesitation from staff, who were used to marketing Dr Pepper as crisp and cool, Parker’s idea took off, and advertisements soon began promoting serving hot Dr Pepper beverages. They often used the taglines “Devilishly Different” or “Winter Warmer”. The combination of Dr Pepper and lemon grew in popularity, and it became a favorite mixer for rum, gaining the name “Schuss-Boomer.”

How to Make a Schuss-Boomer

If you want to recreate the beloved Schuss-Boomer at home, you only need three ingredients:

  • a can of Dr Pepper
  • fresh lemon slices
  • some of your favorite rum
  1. In a mug, place a lemon slice and a shot of rum.
  2. Heat up the Dr Pepper in a small pot until 180 degrees F, then pour into the mug. Let it sit for a minute or two to allow the lemon to steep. Then, begin enjoying this unique drink.

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