Portland TV Station Cancels News for One Day to Deal With ‘Stress.’



Maybe it was the cognitive dissonance between normal news and gaslighting by local leaders that caused the mental collapse at this Portland TV news station.

Maybe it was a day of re-education to get their minds right in a corporately imposed struggle session.

Whatever the reason, a Portland, Oregon, TV news station canceled the news part of Monday in order to give their reporters a day to deal with their trauma.

What trauma? The trauma of having a job and telling people the first draft of history perhaps?

ABC TV affiliate, KATU News, canceled “the morning and afternoon” news shows on Monday while the “entire news team” attended a “seminar to help deal with on-the-job stress and trauma.”

The author of the above tweet, Mike Warner, is a longtime photographer with the local news and has done more than his fair share of dealing with serious news, antifa, and anarchist rioters over the years. Give him a day off. But canceling the news to indulge the children in a mental health day?

How dysfunctional is this place and its employees?

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