Extreme ends-Flying seeds of spying

Extreme ends-Flying seeds of spying

I caught this article today that did not blow me away. The reasoning behind it does blow me away. What rights do they-the government have to snoop on us the way they do? Because they can(?) I knew over thirty years ago that electronics was at the nanotechnology levels. If they say it’s smaller than a grain of rice, what they mean is it is smaller than dust particles.

Quoting from the attached article: I bolded the true purpose of their flying dust.

“Inspired by the way trees like maples disperse their seeds using little more than a stiff breeze, researchers developed a range of tiny flying microchips, the smallest one hardly bigger than a grain of sand.

This flying microchip or ‘microflier’ catches wind and spins like a helicopter towards the ground.

The microfliers, designed by a team at Northwestern University in Illinois, can be packed with ultra-miniaturized technology, including sensors, power sources, antennas for wireless communication, and even embedded memory for data storage.

“Our goal was to add winged flight to small-scale electronic systems, with the idea that these capabilities would allow us to distribute highly functional, miniaturized electronic devices to sense the environment for contamination monitoring, population surveillance or disease tracking,” says Northwestern’s John A. Rogers, who led the development of the new device.

The team of engineers wanted to design devices that would stay in the air for as long as possible, allowing them to maximize the collection of relevant data.

When the microflier falls through the air, its wings interact with the air to create a slow, stable rotational motion. ”

A solar EMP cannot come soon enough in mine humble opinion. What do you think? Do your rights to privacy matter?

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