Woman, 33, ‘calls in BOMB THREATS to her boyfriend’s workplace so he would be sent home and they could spend more time together’

  • Kayla Blake, 33,  is facing felony charges for allegedly calling in two bomb threats to her boyfriend’s workplace so they could spend time together
  • Her boyfriend – along with over 400 other employees at Puritan Medical Products plant in Pittsfield – were evacuated from the building
  • State Police said Blake first called threatening to bomb at the plant at 9.30 am
  • They said she called back two hours later saying she planned to place four pipe bombs at the facility
  • Blake allegedly confessed to police after her calls were traced
  • She is now being held at Somerset County Jail in lieu of $1,500 bail

A Maine woman allegedly called bomb threats in to her boyfriend’s workplace so he would be sent home and they could spend more time together.

Kayla Blake, 33, was arrested on charges of felony terrorizing after officers traced the call in Etna, Maine.

Blake allegedly called State Police at around 9:30am on Thursday, and said she planned to bomb Puritan Medical Products in the neighboring town of Pittsfield.

Her boyfriend – who was not named by police – was among 400 employees who were evacuated from the plant and operations were shut down for the day.

In a second call to police around two hours later, Blake allegedly told dispatchers that she intended to place four pipe bombs around the medical manufacturing facility.

State Police notified Pittsfield Police and sheriff’s departments in Somserset and Penobscot counties, then traced the calls to the town of Etna, Pittsfield police Chief Harold Bickmore told the Portland Press Herald.

Police said Blake confessed when police began interviewing residents in her neighborhood, and said she made the empty threats hoping that her boyfriend would be sent home for the day.

Bickmore told the outlet that the Pittsfield Fire Department, the plant’s private security company and the FBI also assisted in the investigation.

‘It was great teamwork,’ Bickmore said to the Herald. ‘It was a great investigation and hard work by Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office deputies. I can’t say enough about all their hard work and the support we got from the Maine State Police and the FBI.’

Blake was charged with felony terrorizing, according to the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office, and is being held on $1,500 bail.

Neither department responded to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.

A judge also ordered that Blake stay off the plant’s property and never contact them again.

Manufacturing resumed and employees went back to work on Friday after the incident, according to WHAS11.

Puritan, which makes procedure swabs for COVID-19 tests and other medical purposes, has two plants in the town of Pittsfield, according to the company’s human resources director Kristy Rizzitello – both locations needed to be evacuated after the calls.

Losses are still being calculated, but Rizzitello told the Herald that Thursdays are generally ‘full manufacturing days.’

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