Mom with £17k worth of tattoos plans to cover herself in ink– but dreads doing butt

Mom with £17k worth of tattoos plans to cover herself in ink– but dreads doing butt

An extreme tattoo fan with ink all over her body and face is working to cover her whole body in black ink before going back over it in white.

Aleksandra Jasmin, 31, a tattoo artist and mum-of-three, from Finland, got her first tattoo at 18 and has since spent up to £17,100 on ink.

The gorgeous ink fan has 170,000 Instagram followers, @aleksandrajasmin, and regularly posts updates for her fans.

Currently, Aleksandra’s body is covered in intricate tattoos from the big cat on her stomach tp the skull above her crotch and even the words “sinner” on her arm.

She has many more tattoos on her skin, from the mandala on her forehead, cheeks, and chin to fully blacked out arms.

Speaking to the Central Recorder, the artist said: “ I was 18 when I got my first one done, even though I was always intrested in tattoos and tattooing.

“I have lots of styles, but mostly I’m into blackwork (on myself).”

Blackwork is a style of tattoo which covers the skin in block, black ink.

Aleksandra continued: “I just feel like me when I’m this tattooed. Love how it looks.

“I’m kinda sad to run out of space – there are so many artists that I would like to get tattooed by.”

She plans on continuing to add to her ink collection

But, Aleksandra won’t be deterred from adding more designs to her body when she’s entirely covered in black.

She plans to go over the dark ink with more designs – and there’s still one part of her body she’s hesitating to take a gun to.

The mum-of-three explained: “I have this black project going on right now.

“I still have my butt crack to be done, not looking forward to it.

“After that maybe white work on the solid black. We’ll see!”

And, while some people may judge the tattooed beauty she doesn’t care.

Aleksandra plans on lots more ink

Aleksandra noted: “I don’t care honestly if people like or dislike my body.

“Some are attracted to it, some not that much.

“Some think I’m a horrible person and some love me.

“I just leave people in peace with their opinions.

“I don’t think anyone should judge others by their appearance, behaviour is the only thing that matters, nothing else.”

The tattoo artist got her first design at 18

And, when it comes to the people Aleksandra cares about they’re all on her side.

“I dont have much family,” She commented. “Just my husband and the kids (and my hubby’s family) but they love me for who I am.

“They dont even see the tattoos. I’m just me for them.

“I’m lucky to have my kids and my husband and my career.”

Mum with £17k worth of tattoos plans to cover herself in ink– but dreads doing butt

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