Chinese man dies after chugging 1.5L bottle of Coca-Cola in 10 minutes

Chinese man dies after chugging 1.5L bottle of Coca-Cola in 10 minutes

By Ben Cost 

A Chinese man allegedly died of a fatal gas buildup after chugging a massive amount of Coca-Cola in 10 minutes. The freak accident was detailed in the journal “Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology.”

The fizzy fiasco occurred after the 22-year-old patient rapidly downed a 1.5-liter bottle of Coke to stay hydrated during the hot weather, the Daily Mail reported.

Six hours later, he started experiencing a swollen stomach and severe pain, which prompted him to report to Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing.

There, tests revealed that the patient — who wasn’t believed to possess any underlying health issues — had an elevated heart rate, low blood pressure and rapid breathing. Doctors also conducted a CT scan, which revealed that the soda drinker had aberrant levels in his intestinal wall and portal vein that provides blood to the liver.

This, in turn, had reportedly caused him to suffer a hepatic ischemia, otherwise known as “shock liver,” which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the organ, per the report.

At that point, the medical staff tried to save the besieged fellow by releasing the gas from his digestive system. They also administered medication to help safeguard his liver and other body parts from further damage, the Daily Mail reported.

Despite doctors efforts, the man’s condition continued to worsen until he passed away 18 hours after treatment.

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