Students Walk Out After Racist Graffiti Found in Bathrooms

students walk out after racist graffiti found in bathrooms

CHESTERFIELD — Students marched out of Parkway Central High School Thursday morning carrying signs decrying racism one day after racist graffiti was found in bathrooms in two schools.

Principal Tim McCarthy released a letter to parents Thursday morning saying, “racist slurs were written on bathroom walls at Central and North High Schools. Students and staff are hurt, angry and feeling outnumbered by those who seem willing to stand by and watch without taking action to stop it.”

McCarthy’s note says officials have launched both school and police investigations. “These acts are a significant violation of multiple codes of conduct outlined in our policies,” he wrote. “There will be no tolerance for those who choose to purposely degrade others.”

He also said that in past incidents, “Some students and families have been surprised at the significant consequences that have resulted in terms of extreme and lengthy suspensions; legal prosecution from police; transfers to different schools; loss of privileges, activities, athletics and events; and restitution to those harmed. Let there be no surprise: racist statements and actions have a devastating impact on individuals and our community and will be met with substantial disciplinary and potentially legal consequences.”

Students stood outside school on Wednesday morning chanting “no justice, no peace” and saying Black students at the school don’t feel protected at school. Students demanded to know what school officials would do to change the culture.


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