Woman eating fast-food hamburger bites into rotting human finger

Woman eating fast-food hamburger bites into rotting human finger

This fast-food restaurant literally gave her the finger.

A Bolivian woman will likely never look at “finger food” the same way again after she allegedly bit into a burger and ended up chomping on a decomposing human finger. A video of the revolting find is currently blowing up online, Newsflash reported.

“At the moment of eating, I chewed on a FINGER,” wrote Estefany Benitez in a Facebook post describing her accidental cannibalism, which supposedly occurred Sunday at the Hot Burger store in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The aghast customer claimed that she chewed on the severed digit upon her first bite of the nosh.

Accompanying photos show what appears to be a pallid, rotting fingertip on the plate next to the burger, evoking horrors straight out of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

In an accompanying POV video, which currently boasts more than 60,000 views, Benitez can be heard sarcastically saying, “Here we are at the magnificent Hot Burger where a finger ended up in my burger.”


Bolivian fast-food customer Estefany Benitez was left shocked and disgusted after she allegedly bit into a burger and ended up chomping a rotting human finger.

The disgusted fast-food fan also filmed herself reporting the gruesome garnish to a restaurant representative, who offered to make amends.

“Please tell me what you want and we will give it to you,” pleaded the rueful rep, adding that the burgers arrive at the restaurant pre-prepared and that “nothing like this has ever happened to us before.”

Unfortunately, her reparations weren’t exactly satisfactory: While the representative offered to shutter the burger joint while Benitez was still present, they reportedly then continued “serving customers like nothing had happened,” she claimed.

The finger that Benitez found in her order from Hot Burger.

After the customer’s post went viral, a company spokesperson called the Dahmer-esque discovery an “unfortunate incident” and explained that an employee had lost part of his pointer finger while prepping the meat — a story that has been confirmed by local police.

In light of the grisly event, the Bolivian vice-minister for the defense of user and consumer rights decided to temporarily close the burger branch and fine the fast-food firm. However, it’s unclear whether Benitez will pursue legal action.

This isn’t the first time a customer has discovered a human body part in their food. In another grotesque incident in 2019, a UK couple claimed they’d found a tooth in their plate of Chinese takeout.

Benitez claims that the burger joint carried on serving customers as if nothing had happened.
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