Joy Reid Goes Off On ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome.’ Candace Owens Has A Question.

Joy Reid Goes Off On ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome.’ Candace Owens Has A Question.

By Amanda Prestigiacomo

MSNBC host Joy Reid said Monday that people care about the murder of 22-year-old Gabby Petitio because they’re afflicted with so-called “missing white woman syndrome.”

Daily Wire host Candace Owens shot back Tuesday via Twitter, questioning why there’s a media spectacle around the fatal police killings of black males while white people killed by the police get nearly no airtime in the media.

“Yesterday I learned about missing white person syndrome,” Owens tweeted, referring to Reid’s comment. “Can someone let me know what syndrome it is that causes us to ignore every white person that is killed by a police officer, but demands that we burn cities across the world to the ground for thugs like George Floyd?”

Owens was swiftly called a “Race Traitor.”

“When will you learn about the Race Traitor syndrome you suffer from where you go out of your way to get attention by being overly critical about your own race because nobody would care about you otherwise?” posted Andreas Hale.

“White people discussing white people who have committed crimes against other white people is ‘missing white person syndrome,’” Owens replied to Hale. “But black people discussing black people who have committed many crimes against other black people (see: George Floyd) are race traitors.”

“So basically, it’s very important that black people shut up and say nothing when crimes are committed against black victims, but also very important that we get angry and ask why white victims get so much attention when crimes are committed against them,” the “Candace” host added.

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, Reid made her jarring comments about “missing white woman syndrome” on Monday:

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