Women caught in viral MAGA hat video Receive Slap On The Wrist in Delaware court

Women caught in viral MAGA hat video Receive Slap On The Wrist in Delaware court

By Hannah Edelman

Two Delaware women were sentenced to probation Friday over an incident last summer outside the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington in which they were captured on video ripping apart a pro-Donald Trump poster, stealing a child’s “Make America Great Again” hat and getting in verbal and physical altercations with two people.

Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow, both 21 at the time, were each sentenced Friday on misdemeanor charges of theft, child endangerment and hate crimes. Neither will serve jail time.

Judge Francis J. Jones went along with prosecutors’ recommendation in sentencing the women to multiple counts of conditional probation. If they attend required anger management counseling and complete 40 hours of community service, he ruled, the probation will be lifted.

“We have all had moments of pettiness and immaturity,” said Thomas A. Foley, Winslow’s attorney.

He said that his client has “learned a great deal” and “paid a tough price.” She and Amy have both received hate mail and death threats since Students for Trump tweeted the video, and the messages increased since the initial hearing last month.

The adult male victim of the incident last August said the harassment the women received has been “punishment enough,” according to a submitted statement.

“I wish things did not get so out of hand from the start,” he wrote. “I hope they can use this to move forward.”

Jones said he took the victim’s wishes into account in sentencing, including his agreement to drop charges of assault, attempted assault and conspiracy in the plea deal.

“I’m not sure I would’ve been so compassionate if I were him,” Jones said.

The prosecutor said that even though the victims were engaged in protesting at the time, the incident was less related to politics, and more related to anger and alcohol consumption.

He suggested that Amy and Winslow should be put on house arrest as an “incentive” until they complete an anger management program. Amy, who was charged with two counts of driving under the influence, will also have to complete standard alcohol classes before her driver’s license will be restored.

Foley argued that, unlike Amy, his client had no criminal record, and therefore should not be sentenced as harshly. He said that she does not need the extra incentive either, as she is already enrolled in an anger management program that begins Tuesday.

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