Miss Manners: To Change The Diaper Or Not Change The Diaper. That Is The Question

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Ivor Martin and Jacobina Martin

DEAR MISS MANNERS:   I’ve read many complaints about people in restaurants changing their baby’s diaper at the table. I’m wondering what your suggestion is for where parents (or other caretakers) should change diapers when there is no changing table available.

Must we get down on the bathroom floor for diaper changes? I’m surprised by the number of restaurants and stores that do not have changing tables — even places that market themselves as family-oriented.

Little Eddie

GENTLE READER:  In those cases, you may ask the restaurant management where the best place to do it is. Miss Manners assures you that they have a vested interest in finding you somewhere sanitary and discreet — and if they do not, they only have themselves to blame for any stinky consequences.


Source UExpress


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