Shackled Alex Murdaugh is granted $20K bail but must return to rehab after being charged in ‘suicide hitman plot’ to defraud $10m in life insurance: Attorney reveals he is BROKE and has been addicted to opioids for 20 YEARS

  • Murdaugh, 53, was given bond of $10,000 for fraud and $5,000 each for conspiracy and false reporting
  • Bond hearing was held at Hampton County Detention Center Thursday after he surrendered for arrest 
  • Lawyer says Murdaugh’s ‘financial condition is ruinous’ and he is ‘struggling every day’ with opioid addiction  
  • ‘This is a 20 year addiction, this is something he’s struggling with every day. If somebody wants to see the face of opioid addiction, you’re looking at it,’ he said 
  • Murdaugh was led into court cuffed and shackled, with no obvious sign of a gunshot wound to the head
  • He is accused of paying a hitman to shoot and kill him as part of a $10 million life insurance scheme 
  • He was arrested and charged with insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and filing a false police report after surrendering to authorities Thursday morning 
  • He checked into rehab for drug addiction days after the September 4 shooting and is being investigated over misappropriating funds from his law firm
  • Murdaugh’s wife Maggie and son Paul were shot dead in June in a still unsolved double murder

Alex Murdaugh arrived at Hampton County jail Thursday morning where he was slapped with charges for paying a hitman to kill him as part of a botched insurance fraud scheme – three months after the unsolved double-murder of his wife and son. The high-powered South Carolina attorney, 53, was filmed being driven to the jail in a pewter-colored SUV accompanied by a police escort after he agreed to surrender to authorities. He emerged from the vehicle sporting bright red sneakers, gray trousers and a light-colored shirt. Murdaugh was arrested and charged with insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and filing a false police report and was booked at the Hampton County Detention Center. He is expected to appear for a bond hearing at the Hampton County Magistrate Court at 4pm. The legal scion whose family have ruled the county’s justice system for almost a century now finds himself on the other side of the criminal justice system after investigators made the shocking revelation Tuesday that he orchestrated his own shooting earlier this month. Murdaugh is accused of paying a hitman to shoot him in the head and kill him so that his surviving son Buster could collect a $10 million life insurance payment amid a catastrophic few months where his other son and wife were murdered and he was exposed for allegedly embezzling millions from his law firm to pay for his drug addiction.



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